Andromede "Andy" Uwase, Senior
(She, Her)

Kigali, Rwanda
Integrated Science, College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources

“You can be a slow walker, but never walk back.”

Omar Alamri, Senior
(He, Him)

Muscat, Oman
Marketing, College of Business

“Focus on you, and the people will focus on you too.”

Alexis English, Junior
(She, Her)

Washington, D.C.
Psychology, College of Arts and Sciences

“Embrace what comes hard and accept the challenge.”

Katie Hoatson, Sophmore
(She, Her)

Hershey, Nebraska
Criminal Litigation, College of Law

“Say goodbye to your inner critic and hello to inner peace.”

Faith Hopkins, Senior
(She, Her)

Omaha, Nebraska
Biological Sciences, College of Arts and Sciences

“Say 'yes and' to things outside of your comfort zone (while being safe) and watch the world around you broaden and flourish.”

Caleb Kelley, Senior
(He, Him)

Lawrence, Kansas
Psychology & Gender Studies, College of Arts and Sciences

“May I express my laughter, pain, empathy and vulnerability with all I encounter; these will be my superpowers.”

Zeta Nguyen, Senior
(She, Her)

South Sioux City, Nebraska
Accounting, College of Business

“No one is ever fully prepared. It is better to take things face on.”

Elijah Riley, Sophmore
(He, Him)

Lincoln, Nebraska
Agricultural & Environmental Science Communications, College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources

“Everything has a story. You just have to find a way to tell it.”

Samuel Kennedy, Senior
(He, Him)

Troy, Missouri
Vocal Performance, Hixson-Lied College of Fine and Performing Arts

“The worst thing you can do is nothing.”

Aspen Schoenrock, Senior
(She, Her)

Victoria, Kansas
Biological System Engineering, College of Engineering

“Smile-it intimidates those who wish. to destroy you.”